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  1.  To help persons and members of their families, working on ships whether registered in India or abroad in the field of Education, health and social responsibilities.
  2.  To conduct classes and provide educational facilities, in all the fields, to the dependents of the personal working in the shipping industry.
  3. To construct, conduct and maintain a hostel for upcoming students desiring to enter the shipping industry & working seamen.
  4. To provide financial help in the form of loans, scholarships to deserving students for their higher studies.
  5. To carry on research in the filed of shipping and related industry with a view to help the persons carry on their work in an efficient manner.
  6. To carry on research in the field of health related problems faced by seamen working on high seas and to start specialty hospital for their benefit.
  7. To work for the amelioration of tribes, Girijans, Harijans, backward and depressed classes and other communities for the achievement of the aims and objects of the Trust, the Society shall endeavor,
  8. To start and conduct newspapers, periodicals, magazines and journals, to issue pamphlets, posters and books, and hold meeting and exhibitions and exhibit films and to carry on propaganda in furtherance of the aim and objects of the Trust by  means of lectures and various other means.
  9. To purchase, acquire or take on lease or otherwise obtain suitable site or sites to open a center which would contain an auditorium, research center, a meeting hall, library, reading room, workers’ home and such other things which are consistent with the objects of the Trust.
  10. To acquire by gift, purchase, exchange, lease or hire or otherwise howsoever, any lands, buildings, easement rights of common playground and any property, movable or immovable for the furtherance of all or any of the objects of the Society.
  11. To build, erect, construct and maintain houses or other buildings, and pull down, rebuild, extend, improve, repair, enlarge or modify the same; including any existing buildings, and to provide and equip the same with light, water, drainage, furniture, fittings instruments, apparatuses and appliances and to all other necessary things for the use to which such building are to be put up or held for carrying our the objects of the Trust.
  12. To sell, improve, manage, develop, transfer, exchange, lease, give on rent or hire, mortgage, demise or dispose of or turn to account or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property and rights of the Trust whether movable or immovable.
  13. To accept, receive in any manner whatsoever any cash or movable or immovable property either unconditionally or subject to any special conditions of any particular donor or trust in furtherance of one or more objects of the Trust.
  14. To solicit, obtain or accept donations, grants, gifts, devices, bequeaths and trusts from any persons, corporation or institution.
  15. To raise, borrow, and secure the payment of money against bonds, debentures promissory notes or other obligations in such manner and on such terms as my be expedient with or without any security of a mortgage, charge, hypothecation or pledge over all or nay of the property, movable or immovable belonging to the Trust.
  16. To open and operate an account or accounts with any bank or banks and to invest and deal with any moneys of the Trust not immediately required for any of its objects in such manner as may from time to time be determined, and to draw, make, accept, endorse, and discount cheques or other negotiable instruments and for the purpose aforesaid to sign, execute an deliver such assurances and deeds or documents as may be necessary.
  17. To look after, and supervise the management of institutions and properties of the Trust and to expend moneys required for the purpose.
  18. To pay all rates, rents, taxes, salaries and outgoing, to appoint, remove suspend and reappoint employees, agent or servants for carrying out the objects of the Turt.
  19. To pay out of the funds of the Trust or out of any such part of the funds all expenses of or incidental to the formation of the Trust and its management and administration.
  20. To do all such other lawful acts and deeds or things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the object.
Navik's Welfare Trust Donates Medical & Monitory Help to the Needy People
"Navik's Welfare Trust " who has helped the needy people of the shipping Industry by donating money for their medical expenditure. The one of the object of the trust is to help the people of Shipping Industry in the filed of Education and health and social Responsibilities. To implement the said object the trust  has helped Mr. Jagdish who is employed of Herald Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd. by donating money for the operation of his wife. The trust helped Mr. Nishikant Kamble by donating money for his Pre-Sea Training. The father of Mr. Nishikant Kamble was working with D.G. Shipping however he was expired due his illness.
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